Quality Management

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We believe in continuous quality improvement. We source for most suitable materials, best technology and processes, reliable and well-maintained machines and instill in our employees a passion for quality.
We passionately seek quality improvements of our materials, machines and processes and continually train our workforce so that our product quality is never compromised
Our organizational culture gives pride of place to quality improvement and ensures all of our resources – materials, machines and manpower – are constantly improved to make our products considered best in the world.


We adopt the following three methods to ensure our product quality remains at the best level:

1. – Quality testing of input raw materials.
This ensures that only raw materials of correct standards are input to the production process.
2. – On line quality testing.
Random on line quality testing ensures that the production process is run smoothly under standard quality norms.
3. – Quality testing of final output.
100% testing of the final output guarantees optimum quality to the customers
Random in-house testing of output using high technology equipments make our products conform to international standards.
In addition the quality circles of our workers identify and eliminate any quality Issues so that high bench marks of quality is continuously maintained.